Face powder DIY

It can be frustrating trying to find something as simple as truly clean makeup that is affordable. Simple organic ingredients that will not damage your skin, your hormones or your wallet? It is possible, there are companies out there and we can trust that they are truly transparent like Beautycounter... BUT! Making your own powder is very easy and more than likely you have the ingredients to do so. Above is my mixture... there is no measuring as my color changes with seasons so I just make a small batch to last me a week or three then mix some more.. I have a medium olive complexion so I use turmeric and bentonite clay to compliment that coloring but I also have a reddish brown color so I use cinnamon to compliment that. If you are more fair skinned you can purchase crushed rose petal powder or beet powder to add to the arrow root. Play around with some ingredients and see what you come up with. BUT! be sure to stay away from anything that is pepper based like cayenne, paprika and even mustard powder. These can irritate your skin.

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