Butcherbox and Other Favorite Things

Have we talked about Butcherbox yet? Did I just end a sentence with a preposition? I think I did. English was never my subject. I preferred lunch period the most.... DUH!

So I have started using Butcherbox.. it's been a few months so I think it is worth talking about now. I want you to stop what you are doing and listen to this. Butcherbox is hands down, without a doubt, like not even bullshitting you, the best meat I have ever cooked. I know I know... eyeroll... I am serious! I knew it was good quality and read how much people love it but when Steve and I started to get what he calls "Natalie's Barkbox" delivered we knew we could never go back.. and I am not talking about back to conventional meats, because you know I would never do that.. I mean I can never go back to the meats I thought were the best from my local markets.

I don't like chicken breasts... never have. It's boring, you know it is! Flavor-less...... well, now I am questioning who I am because I like them now!

Ok, this blog isn't a commercial. I just really wanted to share with you that really delicious grass-fed, hormone free, free range, and pasture raised meats are out there and they can be on your front step. How cool and easy is that? Can we feed into my lazy butt any more? I love it! (P.S. I have a discount code to share if you message me).

We did doubleunders again this week. I just hate these things. I know so much of my hate is mental... like I mentally hate them so I cannot do them but also because I pee. go ahead, laugh.... it isn't funny but it is. A grown woman peeing herself in public has some sad humor to it. Being a Birthfit certified coach has taught me just how not funny it is and that I need to work on this and maybe skip Doubles for a while. You don't have to pee yourself for the rest of your life... so while I hate double unders... I love Birthfit a million times more for teaching me and giving me the tools to help women through this. Stay tuned for an announcement about a pelvic floor strength class coming soon at Crossfit for Glory. Oh! Shout out to Josh for always allowing me to have these ideas and giving me a platform to execute.

One more thing I love while I am on this random love fest today! All things charcoal from Beautycounter! I have always loved the soap but now I have added the charcoal mask to my routine and I have not had a single break out in two months! I said two months! Sweet baby love! Not only has this stuff been loving on my skin... it hasn't been damaging my endocrine system which, unfortunately, many of our skincare products do. Did you know that the last major federal law passed by Congress on cosmetics was in 1938?! Um, I am pretty sure some stuff has changed since then. The cosmetic industry is often overlooked which allows companies to use whatever fillers they want. These fillers are shit chemicals that are damaging us. Please please think about this before you put something on your skin and please doubly think about this if you are a mother to tween and teen girls. And if you want more information about this, message me or visit my beauty counter page:

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