What goes on your body is just as important as what goes in.... maybe more important, I don't kn

But I am a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, trained in the holistic beliefs that what we eat has a major effect on the functionality of our body so if our skin is our largest organ, and one of our most important detoxing organs then why do we not give a crap about what we are slathering on ourselves? Or better! OUR CHILDREN??? (my mind goes straight towards those dumb sanitizer containers hanging off every kid's backpack... another post about that to come).

I just recently joined the BEAUTYCOUNTER Army. I am pretty stoked about this. Not because I want to sell stuff and make money.. though that is an added bonus, but because they are just that.. an army of soldiers seeking the rights to have our make-up and toiletries make better sense for the health of our bodies. They fight for transparency in ingredient decks. Go ahead go read your soap ingredients.. shea butter and fragrances.. what the hell are fragrances?

Coming from my nutrition and health side this transition makes sense to me.. how can I advocate and dictate what people are putting in their bodies if I ignore what they are putting on the outside?

I lied... I am not waiting for a separate post to talk about this hand sanitizer craze. Kids are wearing these things and slathering their entire bodies with it. Teachers have giant tubs of this stuff in their classrooms where the children are asked to squirt some into their hands on their way in and out of the class. What happened to hand washing? Oh, that's right, every one is getting sicker so we have to be more disinfected... WAKE UP! People are getting sicker because their bodies no longer have an immune system because you are sanitizing, essentially burning off, their immune system's protective barrier on their skin! Our skin is covered in oils and acids and a beautiful bacteria biome that keeps the "bad" pathogens from being absorbed. If we are sanitizing and cleaning this good bacteria off... guess what happens when a flu bug lands on you?

Back to BEAUTYCOUNTER I am proud to share my newly found cosmetic industry with you all. And I encourage you to research, maybe stop putting formaldehyde on your lips and grab a safer option.... click the links and prepare to be blown away by this movement.

Oh and buy something!

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