The Black Tea Incident of 2017

OH MY GOD! Ya'll! Seriously, listen to this shit. I gave up coffee because #1 I have adrenal issues (who doesn't?) and #2 I went AIP and coffee is a No-No. I subbed with some black tea, you know to help with the transition.. read my blog post prior to this.......... I was doing awesome, I mean really awesome. I was not missing my coffee and was loving my newly found black tea that I was making to taste like a Chai. Yeah Buddy! I broke myself of my biggest addiction, pretty sure I could handle anything now. I had super powers.

UNTIL about 2 weeks into this Coffee exchange..... Coach says run two laps! And so I ran and when I ran I felt my back jiggle. J-I-G-G-L-E... what the F***. Now, I am not a shallow girl, and being skinny doesn't even exist on my list of wants... but this freaked me out. My back doesn't jiggle. I stepped on the scale and 11 pounds! I had gained almost 11 pounds. Not going to lie, being a NTP, this intrigued me, but how can I gain 11 pounds in 2 weeks? That obviously isn't normal and a serious red flag that something was up. Something bad was up and it is called inflammation. YIKES!

I started down my rabbit hole of research, but that was short-lived. The answer was right there in front of me. I can't handle fluoride, I get terribly sick if I accidentally use a toothpaste with it, drink water that is heavily treated with it.... etc.. and guess what black tea has high levels of? Yup, Flouride. I was literally poisoning myself every day.

Needless to say, I went back to my coffee and within 2 days I went back to my "regular" weight. There are a few lessons to learn from this. The first one and most important one is never piss off the coffee gods. NEVER! and the second lesson here is that just because something is "healthy" definitely does not mean it is right for you. Be aware of your body and listen to it when something isn't feeling right and for that you will be thankful.

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