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Digestive wellness

Hormone balancing

Food allergies & intolerance


Women's Health 

Test Don't Guess!

I am a Functional Nutritional Therapist that is hoping to change the lives of many... women specifically. I am tired of how hard it is to get answers and to feel heard. Why is it like this?! AHHHH

Let's make the change together! I am here to support you, to help you find your answers. I am a certified practitioner trained in several lab tests: GIMAP, MRT and HTMA tests. These 3 tests are an option that will allow you to work with a holistic practitioner and receive real results with a true understanding of yourself and your body. There is no dogmatic "everyone takes this and does this" mentality, it is all bio-individual based on EXACTLY what you need and can give. 

It all starts with our first discovery call.